Series 1. LJvV Gilded Ceramics 2018

Like the colourful creations of the universe,clay has a distinctive personality. The magical black colour originates from the high magnesium content, which is a dark purple-red in its raw and wet state. After the first firing the clay is a chocolate colour, which becomes coal-black after the second firing. The hand painted gilded layer is a vibrant red which transforms into the magnificent golden sheen during the third and final firing.

This new range LJvV tableware consists out of a trio handmade ceramics. No single piece is ever the same. Every dent and fingerprint is deliberately made by the artist so that the unique personality of the piece can be felt. The plate, bowl and cup/ or earless mug comes in a luxurious cardboard box, with a beautiful Serge de Nîmes serviette included. The pieces are also available individually. Since every piece is made and finished by hand, there is sometimes a waiting period of five to eight weeks until dispatch.

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