Terre Verte. Baxter Hall, Cape Town, South Africa

terre verte
between yellow and blue
An exhibition of recent works by artist
Louis Jansen van Vuuren

Terre Verte that literally means green earth is greyish green that is bluer, lighter and stronger than slate green. Historically used as a bole for gilding and as underpainting for flesh tones in Medieval painting (also known as verdaccio).

This series explores the area of magical realism that flirts with fantasy, myth and lore. The artworks are thematically related through the use of terre verte as pigment, beguiling landscapes and a range of mythical and enchanting personages. This collection consists of five medium sized oil paintings and a set of small mixed medium works on paper. There are also seven limited edition lithographs for sale of which all proceeds go to the Baxter 40/80 Theatre Centre fund.